Month: August 2018

Chimney Sweeps West: Gutters

Chimney Sweeps West: Gutters

Have you ever wondered why most houses have gutters, and what their purpose is? Gutters are optional, but almost every house will have them. There are multiple benefits to having a gutter system and gutters on your house. One of the main benefits is that gutters will prevent water damage by collecting the water from your roof and draining it. Because of how regularly gutters are used, over the course of time, they will need to be cleaned out. This is one of the most important things people tend to forget whenever it comes to their house maintenance. There are several problems a dirty gutter can cause.

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What Will Happen If I Do Not Clean My Gutters Regularly?

  1. Roof Damage: If precipitation starts to build up and clog your gutters, then your roof will start to rot and decay. Its life will drastically decrease. This will cause you to either have some of it redone or all of it completely replaced, and both options will cost you a large amount of money.
  2. Pests, Pests, And Pests: Clogged gutters will harbor all sorts of materials. It can be anywhere from rotting leaves to a dead bird. These materials will attract all sorts of pests which will cause more problems.
  3. Damage To Fascia: A fascia is a board that is right behind your gutter. Whenever your gutters do not have a clear path for draining water, it will overflow and seep into the fascia. This will not only ruin your gutters but also there is a risk of it ruining the exterior of your house.
  4. Drowning Your Plants: Your plants that are planted along the sides of your house can potentially be damaged. If water is spilling from the top because your gutters are full, then it could drown your plants and kill them. Overwatering your plants will kill them much faster.
  5. Cracks In The Foundation: Whenever your water cannot be drained and it just sits there and the weather drops, it will freeze and turn into ice. This will cause cracks in your foundation which can turn into a disaster. If your foundation becomes unstable, your walls, roof, or even the house can come tumbling down.

Hire Someone To Clean Your Gutters

As you can tell, there are numerous issues that will occur if you do not clean your gutters. Even though cleaning gutters is a simple task, it can be dangerous and a lengthy process. If you did not have the time to notice that your gutters needing cleaning, then you most likely will not have time to clean them yourself. But if you hire a handyman, then the job will get done professionally and there are added bonuses such as you will have extra time to do whatever you want and you do not have to worry about damaging anything or injuring yourself. If you are interested in hiring a handyman to help you out, contact Chimney Sweeps West. We guarantee that all of our handymen are reliable and will go above and beyond your expectations.