All About Knoxville, Tn

Knoxville is a city full of history and places to visit for fun and education. Nicknamed The Heart of the Valley, this booming city is the seat for Knox County and is the third largest city in the state, behind Nashville and Memphis. Knoxville is nestled in the Great Appalachian Valley, central to the Great Smoky Mountains to its east and the Cumberland Plateau just to the west. The city’s location makes a great spot for vacationers anywhere in the state of Tennessee; getting a dose of the city life while being able to enjoy the beautiful views of nature.


Knoxville has a total area of 104.2 square miles, of which about 92 of that is land and 6 is water. Elevations range from just over 800 feet along the river to just over 1,000 feet on various hilltops in the West Knoxville area, with the downtown area resting at around 900 feet. High points include Sharp’s Ridge in North Knoxville at 1,391 feet and Brown Mountain in South Knoxville at 1,260 feet. House Mountain, the highest point in Knox County at 2,064 feet, is located more on the east side of the city.

Water Areas in Knoxville

Knox County offers lots of natural water areas as well, such as The Tennessee River, which cuts through the downtown area of southeastern Knoxville. The Holston River, which flows southwest from Virginia, meets the Tennessee River nearby in addition to the French Broad River, which flows from the west out of North Carolina. The segment of the Tennessee River that flows through Knoxville is a part of an artificial reservoir created by TVA’s Fort Loudoun Dam downstream in Lenoir City called Fort Loudoun Lake.


Knoxville is home to the main campus of the prestigious University of Tennessee, which has operated in the city since the 1790s. The school employs over 1,300 instructional faculties, and offers more than 300 degree programs. If you’re a fan of college football or basketball you know that this University is home to the Tennessee Volunteers, given to them after the state’s nickname The Volunteer State. Although the football and basketball teams aren’t the only sports team here with that name, every sport hosted though this University has Vols or Lady Vols given to their sport to represent their school!

The Vols have adopted a tradition for competing in every sport and many teams have been ranked in the top 25. UTK has been known for its football and women’s basketball programs that have both featured several famous coaches and won several titles for their school. Tennessee’s football team won the first ever BCS National Championship Game and also represents the 9th program in the NCAA with the most wins. The Tennessee women’s basketball team won the National Championships in 2007 and 2008. Generally Tennessee has won 147 season SEC championships and 23 national championships in women’s football, basketball, men’s and women’s indoor and outdoor track and field, and men’s swimming and diving, which is quite a lot! This school is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to sports.


Knoxville has a wide range of culture going on in such a “small” area. From festivals to the night life to the museums and parks located here there is so much to do and see all year around that is sure to give you the perfect taste of the Knoxville lifestyle. This city has also been an influence to old-time, bluegrass and country music with musicians that include Flatt & Scruggs and Homer & Jethro.

Some sites of interest would be places like the World’s Fair Park, which is a park for daily use but features the Sunsphere from a previous World’s Fair, giving the park its name. More unique places to the area include destinations such as the Bijou Theatre, which is both historical and cultural. Perhaps you would rather take a tour on the Tennessee River Boat and explore the great city from the view of the river! If you are a sports buff there is also the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, where you can see athletes of the past from UTK. There are also your more conventional stops such as the Knoxville Zoo, the Knoxville Museum of Art, or the Knoxville Botanical Gardens and Arboretum where you can spend the day taking in their various exhibits.

Knoxville, TN

This city has a lot to offer, no matter if you are a resident or a vacationer, and if it’s not already, should be on a list of places for you to visit. Offering great adventure no matter the time of year, this city is sure not to disappoint.